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Download Gravity Guy2 for PC/Laptop on Windows 7/8/10 Free

Nagendra Daddolu
Written by Nagendra Daddolu

The words fascinating can ever fascinate users. The game we will talk about today has quite a bit of tech in it just enough to make us feel attracted. The game is Gravity Guy2. Download Gravity Guy is an endless, unstoppable game, we know, many games like Temple also run the Subway Surfers. But the important thing that makes it different is the introduction of new tech in the gameplay. That is true science makes things different. We know it, and everybody knows it.

Gravity Guy2 For PC

Gravity Guy for PC

In the gravity guy game, we will be escaping the jail. Sounds impressive. Doesn’t it? Prison escapes are always fun in the game. Now the gravity guy game is also available on Android, Windows Phone, moreover iOS, etc. It means all the smartphones. After this is where we come to the purpose of this topic. Below information will help us run the gravity guy amazing game on users Windows laptop operating. But before we move forward to the blog to install this game on our PC or laptop running Windows 7/8/8.1/10, let’s speak a bit about the game plot also the gameplay, we know, just to make the things interesting.

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Game Plot of Gravity Guy

In gravity guy game, the world is under the control of George W. Bush, ah, not the former president of the United States, still the evil guy such a pun intended. Then the world revolves around gravity. People expected, needed, and forced to keep their feet on the ground, under an influence of gravity. There is nobody in this world is to break the rule of the gravity. But we know, there’s always a guy. Then our guy, the hero, doesn’t like the rule so much, so this guy decides to break all the commands.

The complete plot of the game describe to the players at the beginning of the game, and the plot, we may too after playing, is very exciting. The presentations we get at the beginning of the game also include some special powers such as lasers, which is a bit tough to get in this game. Then the game starts with the escape from the jail by using this laser. In the game, our guy runs and keeps on running in his amazing Gravity Guy game. Also now that we know the plot of Gravity Guy let us move forward to the gameplay earlier we finally move to a procedure to install this game on Windows computer or a laptop.

Gameplay of Gravity Guy2 for PC

How far away can we run? Well, this is the point in Gravity Guy. Run as much as we can. The gravity guy game has around 30 levels. Though these levels are more like checkpoints, as this is a continuous running game. While we are running, we will be facing numerous obstacles. Soon here appears the interesting part of this game where the concept of science comes into the game. To avoid these obstacles we will be facing while running, we need to tap the screen, & this will change the character’s middle of gravity. If we tap the screen, our gravity will be flipped, and our character will be reaching for the sky or the ceiling in this matter.

Download Gravity Guy for PC

Gameplay Gravity Guy2

The important objective of the game is to make a run as far as possible, although there are nearby 30 levels in this game. However, these levels are further like checkpoints. While the run, there will be various obstacles that we will be facing. For avoiding these obstacles we need to jump here is the twist which will identify the name of this game.

If an obstacle approaches touching anywhere on a screen will change the center of gravity for the character. By touching on the screen will flip our gravity and our character will be running on the ceiling also so forth. Sounds fascinating.

Soon if we run into too many obstacles, the evil troops will catch us, and the game will restart itself from the end saved checkpoint. We can unlock several achievements in this game, earn coins, also play around with several other things which recommend us to find.

Presently without further delay, let’s see how we can install this game on our PC or laptop running Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

To Install/Download Gravity Guy on PC or laptop on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Gravity guy2 is open for smartphones and is not yet available on Windows for PCs or a laptop. Things happen, people make it happen, and her you’ll learn how to create it happen too, in a few simple steps.

Please mark: Before we begin, make sure that we have the latest graphics drivers installed. Here will ensure the smooth functioning of this game. click here to Hotmail.com signin

Here are some steps:

  • First, we have to Download Bluestacks on our Windows PC or a laptop (whichever we are using). Bluestacks is the Android emulator which enables us to run Android applications also games on Windows PC or a laptop. We can download it from the official link on the website.
  • First Install Bluestacks. It’s fairly easy, all we have to do is to follow the on-screen guidance.Gravity Guy2 For Windows 7/8/10


  • After installing Bluestacks open it. Next opening it, we will find an interface similar to that of Android platform. Start over with Google’s Play or any Smartphone (Play Store). It may ask us to sign in with your Google account. Sign in, and we are good to go.
  • Move on the search bar also, search for Gravity Guy.
  • After that Tick on the game and tap on the install key, and, later on, Accept also Download.
  • Soon the game will be downloaded. The download time depends on our internet activity.

Download Gravity Guy2

  • Next downloaded and installed, we can find the game on our list of applications. Open it and have fun.
  • Presently we are done. Hope We will enjoy this tutorial to download also install Gravity Guy on our Computer or laptop running Windows 7/8/8.1/10. This same process will use on a Mac PC or a laptop.

Final words

Finally, you got the Download Gravity Guy for Pc Windows procedure. I hope all the guys will like this Post. If you like this post, then don’t forget share on social media with your friends like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thanks for visiting C4Updates


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